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        "But the heavens and the earth, all parents; But people, the soul of the universe ", the body is preferred by the heaven and earth, soul is longer than the humans, of all things the most should adhere to the basic idea is the fear of heaven and earth, love nature, harmonious coexistence with the universe.

        "The fear of heaven and earth, care for nature" is yongfeng chemical industry since the establishment of green development concept, her own "yongfeng" moral "to blaze new trails, harvest feelings forever". Yongfeng chemical along the scientific and technological innovation, high-end positioning, green environmental protection, ecological friendly idea all the way walk today.

        Innovative research and development to master the core technology for product competitiveness, support the enterprise long-term development, is one of eternal stick to the business philosophy of yongfeng chemical industry. "Revitalization of the national industry, do the Chinese people own the ore powder", this is the core of yongfeng chemical industry group of beginner's mind, seemingly simple words, it contains is "science and technology enterprise, industrial patriotic" ambition, can say before yongfeng was established, powder packing industry in China is just pack, founded in yongfeng, industry increased a dazzling star, a leading, its root cause lies in yongfeng core team holding the belief and culture, is also a line yongfeng chemical stability reach true meaning!

        GuangDong Yongfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.

        ADDRESS:No.10, FuHua Road, ZhongShan City, GuangDong Province
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