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        ABOUT US

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        Hu Jianhong, graduated from the famous University of science and Engineering in China, majored in chemical engineering. She once worked in famous state-owned enterprises and top 500 foreign-funded chemical enterprises, and was successively responsible for the systematic work of technology, procurement, marketing, etc.

        "Later, it was found that our universities and enterprises in China have many patents, but many invention patents have not really landed in the product market. On the contrary, the technology of many enterprises is still in the stage of imitation, not lack of innovative technology, but lack of commercialization." Aware of the above problems, Hu Jianhong decided to leave the company to start a business and devote herself to putting her R & D technology into production for the benefit of major users.

        The process of entrepreneurship is hard, and Hu Jianhong is no exception. At the beginning of his transition to the domestic market, he was the only one who worked as the general manager and sales manager. He kept running and finding customers every day, and he kept closing the door. However, Hu Jianhong was not discouraged. He said that to do sales is to rely on one's feet, work hard and be thick skinned. He is not afraid of failure. If this customer is not good, he will find the next one. After two years of persistence and efforts, Yongfeng, founded by Hu Jianhong, has gradually accumulated a stable source of customers at the initial stage, and the enterprise is also growing.

        When Hu Jianhong reviewed her entrepreneurial history, she said frankly: "I started my first career in my youth and have been working in the chemical industry until now. In this industry, I have paid all my youth and hard work. I have never thought of leaving. I am engaged in other industries, whether it is the real estate frenzy or the stock heat wave. I have never thought of leaving the chemical industry. Everyone's pursuit is different. "

        In the eyes of many people, Hu Jianhong is a real "old boy". After experiencing the ups and downs and hardships of entrepreneurship, he still maintains the greatest yearning and expectation for the world, and still adheres to his original dream. "Dreams are always out of reach. Should we give up?" Here in Hu Jianhong, we heard the most beautiful answer to this question, which is persistence.

        GuangDong Yongfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.

        ADDRESS:No.10, FuHua Road, ZhongShan City, GuangDong Province
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